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Best Plastic Surgeons UK Revealed: Dr. Nizar Hamadeh

One of the best Plastic Surgeons in UK, Dr Hamadeh provides various facial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Honoured with many degrees and certificates in Head, Neck & Plastic reconstructive surgery from France, Belgium and UK. Conveniently located clinics based in Harley Street, London and Birmingham. 

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Plastic Surgeon

What does a plastic surgeon do?

Many people automatically think of celebrities and their seemingly never-ending quest for a youthful appearance when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery. However, a plastic surgeon’s work is about much more than just making someone look younger.

Plastic surgeons like Dr Hamadeh help improve a person’s quality of life, people who have experienced physical trauma or struggle with conditions like Cleft Palat.

“These surgeons are medical doctors who specialise in restoring and reconstructing facial and body features. This can involve several different procedures, from reconstructive plastic surgery such as Cleft Lip to cosmetic plastic surgery like Rhinoplasty”

What do Plastic Surgeons do?

Plastic surgeons can perform a wide range of procedures, depending on their area of expertise. Some of the most common procedures Dr Hamadeh performs are:
Each of these procedures can improve the look of a person’s face. However, they can also be used to correct physical injuries or conditions that have caused disfigurement


This surgery is used to correct physical injuries or conditions that have caused disfigurement. It can involve restoringface parts, such as ears, noses, eyelids, or the reconstruction of damaged tissue.


Cosmetic surgery is used to change and enhance looks. This type of surgery involves facial implants, saline implants, fat removal, restructuring or reshaping, not typically covered by the NHS and is generally considered elective surgery.


Functional surgery is used to improve the function of a body part rather than its look. For example, surgery to correct a cleft palate is considered functional surgery.

Plastic Surgery

What types of Plastic Surgery can Dr Hamadeh carry out?

Why choose Dr Hamadeh for your plastic surgery?

As a highly experienced surgeon, Dr Hamadeh is often looked to by people looking to enhance their looks or improve their physicality. And while it’s true that many people choose to go to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon because they want to improve their appearance, this isn’t the only thing people look for when getting plastic surgery done.

Some people may have scars from an injury that they want to get rid of, or they may have a physical impediment that reconstructive plastic surgery can fix. These are some key reasons people seek out this type of surgery.

Why Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Looking for a plastic surgeon is daunting, and it’s essential to choose a board-certified surgeon. Becoming registered by the General Medical Council in the UK means they have met specific requirements and qualifications and are licensed to perform plastic surgery.

Board-certified surgeons such as Dr Hamadeh have also undergone rigorous training and maintain a high quality of care, ensuring you get the best possible care when you have your surgical procedure.

What is the Cost of Plastic Surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery varies depending on the procedure you are considering. However, it’s important to remember that the cost of surgery is not the only thing you need to consider. Make sure to factor in the price of post-operative care, such as follow-up appointments and medication. Dr Hamadeh includes all pre & post-operative care in the figure quoted in your personalised consultation.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgery used to change a person’s look. This can include Rhinoplasty (nose job), Facelift & Necklift, Blepharoplasty, and Otoplasty. Cosmetic procedures are usually performed for aesthetic reasons, to make a person look more attractive.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of surgery that is used to correct deformities or improve the function of a person’s body. This can include techniques such as reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgeons usually perform this for functional reasons, e.g., to improve the way a person’s body works. For example, traumatic injuries or cleft lips can be corrected with plastic surgery.

In general, reconstructive plastic surgery is a more complex procedure than a cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Vs Plastic

Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery What’s the Difference?

While they are both types of surgery, there are some key differences.

The main procedures Dr Hamadeh performs.

Several different plastic surgery procedures are performed regularly. These are mainly cosmetic procedures which include:

These are Dr Hamadeh’s main procedures. Although he does perform other procedures such as Cleft lip and Cleft Palat, Velopharyngeal Dysfunction, Nose Reconstruction using flaps, Ear Reconstruction, Lip Reconstruction, Face Defect Reconstruction & Facial nerve surgery. 


How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a leading plastic surgeon, it’s essential to do your research. Check websites such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) to ensure that you’re choosing someone who is board-certified and has experience in the type of surgery that interests you. Be sure to ask your surgeon about qualifications and training.

It’s important to remember that the decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. You should take your time and explore your options with a qualified surgeon during your initial consultation before deciding.

Dr Hamadeh understands plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience and will discuss all your options with you, ensuring that you’re making the right decision.

Risks of Plastic Surgery

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with plastic surgery. Some of the risks associated with it include:

Discussing the risks with Dr Hamadeh during your consultation will help. He spends time helping you understand the processes related to your specific procedure.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery time varies depending on your surgery. In general, expect to take at least two weeks off work for most procedures. It’s important to carefully follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

What are skin grafts?

Skin grafts are a type of plastic surgery. They involve taking a piece of skin from one area of the body and transplanting it to another area. This is often done to cover up burns or other injuries.

Plastic Surgery whilst pregnant?

Generally, it is not recommended to get plastic surgery while pregnant. This is because the body is going through many changes, and it’s not clear how the surgery will affect the pregnancy. We recommend waiting until your baby is born and you’ve had time to recover before considering surgery.

Improved Self-Esteem

A key benefit of plastic surgery is an increase in self-esteem. Many people feel better about themselves after surgery and feel more confident.

Better Physical Appearance

Another benefit of plastic surgery is an improved physical appearance. This can include a more youthful appearance, a more symmetrical face, or a better-proportioned body.

Improved Function

Some plastic surgery can also improve the function of the body. For example, reconstructive surgery can help improve the function of a damaged body part and help the patient enjoy their life more.

Increased Confidence

Surgery can also help improve someone’s confidence. Feeling like your appearance is holding you back from achieving your goals and lacking confidence is debilitating. Getting your confidence back is a life-changing experience

Improved Quality of Life

Plastic and reconstructive surgeries can elevate the quality of patients’ lives. This could be due to helping them move or function better or relieving psychological distress.

Improved Body Image

Cosmetic surgeons help improve a person’s appearance and body image to make them more comfortable with how they look. Having a more positive view of their appearance leads to being more confident and positive.

Plastic Surgery

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Does Dr Hamadeh perform non-surgical procedures?

Plastic surgeons often perform non-surgical procedures such as Botox. Dr Hamadeh can administer Botox and Dermal Fillers when required. These procedures are typically less invasive and have shorter recovery times.

Key Takeaways

Cosmetic & Plastic surgery is more than simply a cosmetic procedure. For many, it’s an incredible, life-changing experience that helps them live their lives to the fullest.

You may be considering plastic surgery, but you’re not sure what it involves, what to look out for and how to get started on your journey. Cosmetic & Plastic surgery can be a daunting prospect, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Thousands of people undergo cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures every year and are happy with the results.

If you’re thinking about undergoing plastic surgery and want to know what to expect, consult with Dr Hamadeh. He understands the benefits and risks of the different surgeries and can provide his patients with realistic expectations about what the surgery can achieve. Book Your Consultation Today!

Our Main Procedures

Procedures Dr Hamadeh performs

Dr Nizar Hamadeh
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Erika GallacherErika Gallacher
16:19 04 Feb 24
If I could give ten stars I would. From my very first email communications and consultation with Dr Hamedeh through to the surgery itself every step in this process has been faultless. I had always been too frightened to go down the cosmetic surgery route, but after seeing Dr Hamadeh's work I decided to do something I have always wanted to. I didn't research other surgeons, and after speaking with some of his previous patients who spoke so highly of him I knew he was right for me. I was provided with all the information I needed in a timely manner in preparation for the surgery, and on the day of surgery I was immediately put at ease by Dr Hamadeh, the wonderful anaesthetist and Nurse Kelly. Post operation I have had the amazing support of Nurse Kelly - it is so reassuring to have her on the other end of the phone for regular check-ins and she has been incredibly kind &supportive in this journey. And the actual result? More amazing than I could ever have imagined or hoped for, Dr Hamedeh has given me a beautiful, natural looking nose and I couldn't be happier. Life changing. Thank you so much!
Michael FiremanMichael Fireman
22:26 29 Jan 24
Dr Hamadeh was highly recommended to me and so was my first choice of meeting with a surgeon to discuss my plans of rhinoplasty. My first consultation had me feeling very comfortable, not rushed and I appreciated he’s calm mannerism. I knew from then he was the surgeon I wanted and after a second consultation I was excited to plan my rhinoplasty.I have received amazing support from Manuela and Nurse Kelly from the very start- They are a real credit to he’s team. I can’t say enough how amazing Nurse Kelly has been with me, she goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and I wouldn’t have had the experience I have received if it wasn’t for her. Im looking forward to seeing the developments with my nose over the course of weeks and getting back to fitness of which I will be taking Kelly through some core exercises!!
lola reeveslola reeves
18:41 20 Jan 24
Rhinoplasty post op day 11 - I just wanted to say I cannot recommend Dr Hamadeh and his team enough, the care I have received from himself and also his team has been amazing all the way through from the beginning from my first initial consultation all the way up to now. I have always suffered with my self confidence and for as long as I remember I’ve always wanted to go ahead with rhinoplasty. I felt like Dr Hamadeh could achieve what I wanted most, I wanted something very natural and a nose that complimented my facial features. From the first consultation he told me all the potential risks & complications and listened to what I I liked and disliked. He sent me away to think about everything and I did not feel pressured once. 4 months after my consultation and a lot of thinking i decided to book. I only got my cast off yesterday and so far I am so pleased with my new nose, I am quite swollen however I know it’s all apart of the process and I expected that. I can’t wait for this exciting journey, I can already tell it is exactly how I wanted it & that it compliments my face so much.On the day of surgery I was a little nervous as I wasn’t allowed anyone with me however Kelly the nurse was so lovely to me and made me feel so comfortable. I had around a 2 hour wait until surgery and she sat with me most of the time I was waiting and just spoke to me she made me feel so at ease. Kelly was also alongside me right up until surgery until I woke up and I did not feel any pain or discomfort through the entire process. Every other day after surgery she would check up on me and would help with any questions I had or if I needed help with anything her advice was so good! She is honestly amazing at her job and she made my recovery run so smoothly.
Jodie GordonJodie Gordon
12:11 27 Dec 23
I had a rhinoplasty at Burcot Hall with Dr Hamadeh in Jan 2022. I was left devastated and ended up having a revision with another surgeon 18months later. Dr Hamadeh and Kelly were very nice and the process went smoothly but the result was terrible. I ended up with severe asymmetry, an obstructed right nostril and chronic pain in the tip of my nose. I understand that rhinoplasty is a risk and results may vary but I can say with confidence that I believe I would have had a better result with a different surgeon.
Sophie MajorSophie Major
18:06 24 Dec 23
I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Hamadeh a month ago and I am so beyond happy with my result! The surgery and recovery were so much easier than I ever expected, I had no pain, minimal swelling and bruising and Kelly was checking in regularly to make sure everything was going well! Despite only being a month post op and still being swollen I am so happy with my nose, it is exactly what I wanted. I will never be able to thank Dr Hamadeh and Kelly enough!
22:39 23 Dec 23
I underwent septoplasty and rhinoplasty with Dr. Hamadeh, and the entire experience has been incredibly smooth so far. Nurse Kelly deserves special mention for being a true star throughout the process. Her unwavering support, assistance, and reassurance have been invaluable. She consistently goes above and beyond, making the journey exceptionally positive.
Grace HoughGrace Hough
12:01 23 Dec 23
For me getting a rhinoplasty was always something I knew I wanted to do, but never knew where to start. I did so much research on so many surgeons which I did find really daunting as I’ve never had any form of surgery before and didn’t really know what I should/shouldn’t be looking for. I then came across Dr Hamadeh and from looking through his Instagram, website, real self/Google reviews, I was really impressed with his work. I watched numerous videos from Dr Hamadehs patients on YouTube & TikTok etc, and decided I wanted to book my consultation. My consultation was full of information, and most importantly I was made aware of the risks associated with the surgery and what would be realistically achievable with my nose, which I think was so important as I knew what I should & shouldn’t expect going into the surgeryI booked my surgery date with Dr Hamadeh, but then had to move this due to some personal circumstances. Elizabeth was really helpful with getting this changed and rearrangedMy surgery date & location did change a few times from where I originally booked, which did give me concerns (again as I’d never had any private surgery before so I didn’t know if this was normal) but I’m really glad I stuck with Dr Hamadeh as my results speak for them self - If you’re having any kind of doubt like this because you don’t know what to expect, I can say from my experience there is no need to worry at allMy surgery date arrived and i was admitted to Harley street, London. The staff were lovely and helped me get into my surgery clothes whilst doing necessary tests. Dr Hamadeh saw me before the surgery to take pictures and also took a picture of the morph on my phone, so he knew what I was aiming for. I was really nervous but Nurse Kelly was amazing - she sat with me for an hour before i was due to go into surgery and held my hand whilst I was on the table waiting for the Anaesthesia to kick in- I felt like I was fast asleep within 10 secondsWhen I woke up, I wasn’t in any pain - the staff kindly placed cool glasses over my eyes and brought me my food. All aftercare was explained to me and I had a bag full of painkillers/antibiotics/extra gauze etc to take home and after a few hours I was good to go. I travelled back from London to Staffordshire (2.5 hours) in no pain at allI took the next week off work, but again I didn’t feel any pain at all throughout this time, just the pressure in my nose/head that many people speak about when sharing their experiences. My packing was dissolvable, so I couldn’t breathe out of my nose for about 8 days - it’s taken a good 4 weeks to feel like I can breathe normally again, even with regular use of the sterimar & other nasal sprays Kelly recommended to meAgain Kelly has been great throughout the post op process, regularly ringing to check in - luckily I haven’t had any concerns, but know that she would be at the other end of the phone if I did need anythingI was again really nervous on my cast removal day, as I didn’t know what to expect because of swelling etc. However as soon as I looked in the mirror I loved the results I saw. My scar is minimal and not noticeable when looking front on.I do feel like my nose has swelled slightly since my cast removal day, but I know this is a trust the process situation and I will see my final result after the year.Overall, at 4 weeks post op I’m super happy with my results and so glad I chose Dr Hamadeh & his lovely team
Ali GarvieAli Garvie
15:38 20 Dec 23
I could not recommend Dr Hamadeh and his team more! He has made my nose even better than I could expect (and I’ve only had my cast off for 2 days so it’s going to get even better!). Such a good surgeon! Kelly his nurse is amazing, her support throughout has made me feel so at ease. She is the kindest and MOST supportive person. She is only ever a call away to answer any questions and concerns I had (both before and after the surgery). A 10/10 team. Thank you again
Emily WilkinsEmily Wilkins
11:44 27 Sep 22
After lots of research I decided to go with Dr Hamadeh. I contacted Elizabeth his Pa who is lovely and she booked me in for my consultations and answered any questions I hadAt the consultations I knew I was in good hands, he could see why I was unhappy with my nose and he explained exactly what he would do, he was very professional and honest about expectationsNurse Kelly is amazing! She knew how nervous I was about having surgery and she made me feel so calm and reassured me when I was waiting to go down for surgery. Even after, Kelly would check in on me regularly to see how I was doing and answer any questions I hadI’ve always been self conscious of my nose and my only regret was not doing it sooner. I’m so happy with the results it’s even better than I thought it would be, Dr Hamadeh and he’s team are amazing! Can’t recommend him enough!
06:50 05 Aug 22
I couldn’t recommend Dr Hamadeh enough! I had rhinoplasty in July and I’m unbelievably happy with my results. The whole process has been so amazing and I knew I was in good hands. Dr Hamadeh made me feel so at ease at my first consultation, he was honest and professional throughout. Both Elizabeth and nurse Kelly have been great. Kelly - what an amazing lady! She made me feel so calm when I was waiting to go down for surgery and has checked up on me nearly every day since. Thank you so much! Best decision I’ve made
loretta woollamsloretta woollams
19:14 16 May 22
After thinking about having nose surgery for several years I finally decided to bite the bullet a couple of months ago for my wedding and I’m so glad I did! Dr Hamadeh has been amazing throughout and is truly a master of his craft - thank you so much for giving me my dream nose! You have genuinely changed my life! I cant stop smiling every time I look at myself. Everyone has said how amazing my new nose looks and how much it suits my face. My only regret is not getting it done sooner! I’m so happy I went with Dr Hamadeh who knew exactly what I wanted. I’m also extremely grateful to Kelly for being by my side throughout the process. Kelly was present at my consultation, before/during and after surgery and the aftercare has been amazing. Kelly goes above and beyond for her patients and genuinely cares. She is always available to answer any questions, is reassuring and has just been incredible throughout - thank you again! Thank you to Elizabeth who has also been amazing during this process. Thank you all - you’ve all been wonderful.
Jennifer PriceJennifer Price
17:12 11 May 22
My experience has been really rewarding. Both Elizabeth and Kelly are so helpful and friendly. They supported me throughout and made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. Dr Hamadeh is so kind and was very honest with me about the procedure and results that could be achieved. On the day of surgery the nurse, Kelly, stayed with me beforehand and helped me to feel relaxed. I’m only around 2 weeks post op and I love my nose already! The aftercare has also been brilliant and I couldn’t be happier about choosing Dr Hamadeh for my rhinoplasty.
dalal abdullahdalal abdullah
18:01 29 Mar 22
Today I removed my cast, I was amazed with the results. Dr Hamadeh is a very professional doctor he knows what to do. I had a great experience with him and any one look to do rhinoplasty don’t hesitate to do it with Dr Hamadeh. He has a great group. Elizabeth has a great service with providing all the information the patient needs. Kelly is Dr. Hamadeh nurse who has a wonderful personality and she did who assist me from A-Z. I never wished a better treat than the Dr and his team provided for me. Thank Dr Hamadeh and Nurse Kelly.
23:11 23 Feb 22
Honestly this team deserve more than 5 stars, I would give 100 if I could! I’ve had the most wonderful experience with Dr Hamadeh and his team. From the beginning to the end they have all been so lovely and helpful. Kelly my nurse has been amazing and was with me every step of the way, making me laugh through it all!! She made me feel so at ease throughout the whole process and I am extremely grateful to her and wouldn’t of been able to do it without her. She’s been a pleasure and such a friend to me and I wouldn’t of wanted anyone else to have with me along my journey! Dr Hamadeh is an absolute magician and is so kind and humble. He has worked wonders on my nose and I couldn’t be anymore grateful to him. I wouldn’t of wanted to put my trust in anyone else and I couldn’t recommend him and his team enough. They are amazing.I’m so glad I chose Dr Hamadeh as my surgeon, he made me feel very safe in his care from the start and I have zero regrets at all! I am extremely happy with my new nose!!I can’t thank the team enough for everything you’ve done for me ❤️I am so grateful.
Amy RuddockAmy Ruddock
18:24 23 Feb 22
Dr Hamadeh and his team are amazing!I love my nose so much, I only got my cast off 2 days ago and I couldn’t be happier with it!Kelly and Elizabeth are amazing!Kelly has been a call or text away throughout the whole process and was by my side during my surgery.She is always there to help and has all the answers, she’s absolutely lovely and made me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout.Thank you all so much xx
Gabrielle UrquhartGabrielle Urquhart
12:02 22 Feb 22
I have had such a great experience with Dr Nizar Hamadeh, Elizabeth and Kelly. They are a great team and I couldn't have asked for more. Any time I felt nervous during my heeling process, I was reassured immediately by the team. Really happy with the continuous support and would highly recommend Dr Hamadeh. He has made me feel so much more confident and I will be forever thankful.
Tyler BraddonTyler Braddon
15:39 20 Feb 22
Great experience from start to finish! Elizabeth was great, very helpful and friendly, always got back to me quickly with any questions I had. I had met with various surgeons before meeting and choosing to have the rhinoplasty by Dr Hamadeh. During my consultation, he really took the time to listen to want I wanted and the expectations I had. On the day of my surgery, I was very nervous, but Dr Hamadeh made me feel at ease and reassured me. I’m 2 months post-op now and I’m so happy with my results. My nose is still quite swollen, but it has given me so much confidence and honestly I wish I had done it sooner - Dr Hamadeh is a great surgeon. Nurse Kelly has been fantastic since I’ve had my operation, always taking the time to check up on me and has been on hand morning, noon and night for any questions I’ve had. She is such a friendly, genuine person and you can really tell how much she loves what she does and cares for her patients!
chloe clarkechloe clarke
23:49 28 Dec 21
I could not praise the team enough for my experience.I was supported and contacted by Elizabeth and she was so lovely and helpful throughout!Kelly has been absolutely amazing! She has been there for my throughout my whole journey and even now after my surgery she continues to be there and always answers my questions and is always there if i need her. She is so lovely and I can’t thank her enough.Dr Hamadeh is an amazing surgeon. Such a lovely man and talked me through my procedure and was great from the consultation day to the surgery day.I am so pleased with my result and I am so happy I chose to have my surgery with Dr Hamadeh. I am so thankful to him and the team.
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