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Frequently Asked Questions.

Does NHS offer coverage of blepharoplasty procedure?

In general view of medical arrangements made by NHS such surgeries are considered cosmetic procedures rather than medical necessities; henceforth they are not covered under normal circumstances by National Health Services (NHS) of the United Kingdom. There could be instances where this cosmetic procedure might be impelled medically due to issues related to vision impairment caused by unwanted skin above eyes or any underlying medical condition.
To know more about NHSs’ policies regarding Blepharoplasty coverage please feel free to consult qualified medical professional or directly approach NHS. Dr Nizar Hamadehs’ clinic can also help out with coverage options for such procedures.

Who is best to perform blepharoplasty?

To achieve the best possible outcome for your blepharoplasty procedure. You need to seek out
an experienced professional with extensive knowledge in eyelid surgery such as Dr Nizar
Hamadeh – an expert in facial reconstructive surgeries. When you put your trust into board
certified doctors like him who specialize exclusively on enhancing delicate features such as
eyes while ensuring patient satisfaction throughout the entire process. You’re guaranteed a
skilled surgeon who can help you accomplish your goals. His track record of qualifications and
positive reviews from previous patients make him someone you can confidently choose for your
own procedure as well.His track record of qualifications and positive patient testimonials underscore his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for every individual seeking to enhance their delicate eye features. 

Where is the best place in the world for eyelid surgery?

Numerous reputable destinations across the world provide efficient eyelid surgeries through blepharoplasty – these include some top countries known for their skilled plastic surgeons; namely the United States, South Korea, Brazil and Thailand. Yet choosing which destination would yield ideal results should factor in individualized criteria such as certain preferences and needs along with seeking out a highly qualified surgeon.

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